A Thanks to Sofilein

Thank You to Sofilein: Epic Interview with an Epic Creator!

This was the first interview and “Show Tell” of Steel Aces, and while we have moved forward a great deal since then we were very grateful for the interview.

FYI, Sofilein has been in the Tank Gaming and Museum space now for over Decade! She began playing WoT back in the day and has grown her channel up to include amazing historical content on YouTube as well as Facebook, Insta, and Twitter! In addition she has been very active in the charitable side of gaming as well. In the past 2 plus years she has helped raise over $300,000 for the USO!

As part of the growth of Steel Aces we are excited to share more about Content Creators of all shapes and sizes as we move forward. Once again a massive thanks to Sofilein and her epic community for a truly epic “First Look” interview.