Armative Studios Corporate Partners with the National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Foundation

Today Armative Studios, the studio behind Steel Aces, is very proud and excited to announce we are now Corporate Partners with  the amazing National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Foundation.

The National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Foundation’s mission is to serve as a monument to all the many American mounted warriors around the world. Today, they strive to collect their stories, to preserve them so that they forever become not just a part of Army history, but a part of American history.

The National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Foundation has embarked on a journey in partnership with the US Army to support the maintenance and preservation of the US Army Armor and Cavalry Collection. This effort includes Pattons’ Park and Memorial Walk.

The National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Foundation is determined to establish a place of celebration and dedication that will convey the rich and distinguished heritage and tradition of the cavalry and armor branches.

To celebrate our partnership we will be joining them at the upcoming Armor and Cavalry Collection Open House on the 27th and 28th of April.

At the open house Steel Aces CEO, COO, Special Guests and others will be on hand not only to support the Foundation but for the first time anywhere, to demo Steel Aces to the general public. In the shadow of the historical vehicles at the Collection you will have the opportunity to get to play the Newest Tactical Tank Shooter!

If you are in the Columbus GA/Fort Moore area and want a chance to sit down and play the world’s Newest Tactical Tank Shooter be sure to attend on the 27th and 28th.


For more information on the Open House head here

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