Steel Aces at Gamescom: On the Way!

The Team are excited to announce that we have prepared some amazing things for Steel Aces at Gamescom 2023! We take immense pride in showcasing what years of dedication and work have achieved, and assembled a special Gamescom 2023 Demo featuring a select number of infamous tanks and armoured vehicles from the Second World War […]

Militracks 2023: Tanks in the Forest!

The Team had an unforgettable experience at Militracks 2023. We were thrilled as we embarked on a adventure to the inconspicuous town of Overloon in the Netherlands, because we knew the greatest event or German WWII vehicles worldwide would await us at the Oorlogsmuseum Overloon! The show has been running for years and has only […]

Steel Aces PR Manager: Frazer Nash

Greetings, gaming enthusiasts! I am Frazer Nash, and I’ve been on an exhilarating year-long journey with Steel Aces! As we gear up for another fantastic year, I am beyond thrilled to spearhead our PR and marketing efforts.But that’s not all; I’m eager to share and discuss the game’s captivating concept and our ambitious plans for […]

Steel Aces at Tankfest 2023

The team recently embarked on our first trip to the UK, visiting Bournemouth with a specific purpose in mind – to experience the impressive Tankfest at the Bovington Tank Museum. The show exceeded our expectations, showcasing a breathtaking array of tanks that left us in awe. If you’re a tank enthusiast, this place is an […]

Change is Coming: The Inspiration behind Steel Aces

As a devoted fan of tank-related games, my extensive experience with various titles has been a great source of inspiration. Each game’s unique representation of armoured combat in the gaming world has left its mark on me. However, despite my love for historical tank combat, I found myself unsatisfied in recent years, yearning for something […]

A New Addition to the Steel Aces Team!

We are excited to announce a new addition to the Steel Aces Team! We’re bringing Ted “BTed72” Arrindell on board as our new Head of Community. Ted brings over 8 years of experience in the Tanks, Ships, and Planes gaming sphere.Most recently, he was the VP of Video for Gamurs Group, as well as being […]