Change is Coming: The Inspiration behind Steel Aces

As a devoted fan of tank-related games, my extensive experience with various titles has been a great source of inspiration. Each game’s unique representation of armoured combat in the gaming world has left its mark on me. However, despite my love for historical tank combat, I found myself unsatisfied in recent years, yearning for something more fulfilling. This led me to ponder the missing element that could reignite my passion: “Change is Coming”!

After countless introspective moments, a profound belief emerged within me. I strongly feel that the time is ripe for a new, impassioned, historically-based game to burst onto the scene and elevate the entire market. This fresh and invigorating approach may not resonate with everyone, but I am convinced that there exists a substantial audience thirsting for this type of experience.

The significance of tanks and their rich history, spanning the past, present, and future, remains undiminished. We are firm believers that by embracing this genre in the gaming space, we can introduce something truly novel. Our aim is to create a title that is not only exciting and entertaining but also educates those with a deep admiration for armoured history.

So, be on the lookout as we start revealing more about this ground breaking project. We are thrilled to embark on this journey and eagerly share it with you, our valued audience. Together, let us usher in a gaming experience that is not just innovative but also pays homage to the legacy of armoured warfare. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Anyone who is interested in tanks or history, anyone who wants to experience a realistic portrayal of these vehicles; anyone who is unwilling or unable to train hours every day to have success in a normal shooter game; anyone who would rather out-smart their opponents than out-shoot them; anyone who seeks a competitive experience in a well-rounded tank game without extremes of random number generation, ridiculous team compositions or one-sided gameplay mechanics such as artillery or close air support.

-Michael a.k.a. ‘Bulldog’
Steel Aces Project Lead

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