Frequently Asked Questions

Who did you make this game for?

Anyone who is interested in tanks or history, and wants to experience a realistic portrayal of these; anyone who is unwilling or unable to train hours every day to have success in a normal shooter game and prefers to out-smart their opponents rather than out-shoot them; anyone who seeks a competitive experience in a well-rounded tank game without extremes of random number generation, ridiculous team compositions or one-sided gameplay mechanics such as artillery or close air support; anyone who is sick of pay-to-win in free-to-play games.


The core gameplay by itself does not feature any narrative, and this choice is deliberate.

Pitching tanks and armored vehicles in a semi-random fashion against each other without air support or infantry may be not like how it is done in real life, but it provides fun gameplay.

We do however plan on adding various story driven PvE campaigns into the game which will be set during different historical periods that (re-)tell stories that based on or inspired by real events to entertain and educate at the same time.

These will give the player exciting stories with impactful choices to make, however it should be noted this is still a supplement for the core game modes and will only provide content for a limited number of playthroughs.


Players have a massive amount of choice when it comes to how they play the game. By itself, there is no one “correct” way to play the game, and we want to encourage players to think for themselves and take decisions according to the situation they are faced with.

The largest and most difficult choice a player has to make is the position they put their vehicle in; this will vary with composition of the enemy team, terrain, weather, game state etc.

Another frequent choice will be the choice of round best to engage a target – we have a plethora of different ammo types with different effects against different types of armor, so there is not always a “best round” to pick.

Another example might be a player calling in an artillery smoke barrage to allow their team mates to advance under cover, or someone swapping out the commander assigned to their vehicle based on their unique perks and skills.

What are the player’s goals? - How do they “win” the game?

There is no strictly defined ‘ultimate’ goal in the game, unless we count unlocking every vehicle as such. One of the main goals will be acquiring resources from battle rewards to unlock more vehicles, but for the competitive player this goal may be secondary to earning decals, medals, beating high scores, dominating leaderboards etc. to show off and fight for achievements.

While for each battle, there will be one team that wins and one team that loses, this doesn’t mean an individual player had a bad result – it is possible to earn good rewards on a loss.

And whenever someone feels down about losing a game, they can just hop into another one and do their best to help their team achieve the objective.

In the end, each player must decide for themselves what goals they want to achieve, which vehicles they want to unlock, how many games to win or how many vehicles to destroy.

What makes this story unique and worth players’ time?

Regarding our PvE campaigns we don’t want to preach to players, but rather tell exciting stories how they did – or could have – happened. Sometimes, there will be strategic choices to make, sometimes moral ones and sometimes there may even only be bad choices to make.

What are key environments in the game and how are they tied to the story?

The environments will be in part inspired by or even based on real life locations but may also be entirely fictional (though still plausible). Of course, we do have to make some compromises for gameplay because nobody enjoys driving for an hour to get to the battlefield and have an engine break down halfway.