Militracks 2023: Tanks in the Forest!

The Team had an unforgettable experience at Militracks 2023.

We were thrilled as we embarked on a adventure to the inconspicuous town of Overloon in the Netherlands, because we knew the greatest event or German WWII vehicles worldwide would await us at the Oorlogsmuseum Overloon!

The show has been running for years and has only gotten better with time. The best part? You can actually have a ride on the vehicles, and feel the immense power of a 80-year-old Maybach engine.

Unlike Tankfest in the UK – which we’ve also visited of course – it’s all happening right on European soil, making travel convenient and affordable and basically just a ‘quick hop’. No need to deal with expensive flights, trains or taxis – we simply enjoyed ourselves with the marvels of German vehicle technology.

The open field area at the Orloogsmuseum provides an unparalleled experience. Watching tanks and other vehicles navigate the terrain, hearing and feeling the rumbling engines was incredibly thrilling, and we couldn’t resist capturing dozens of photos and videos!

The Orloogsmuseum Overloon not only boasts a great collection of tanks and vehicles, but also holds a rich history. This museum is a must-visit for any history enthusiast, especially since it’s the site of a significant battle.

This experience left such an impact that we’ve already decided to return next year, eager to immerse ourselves once more in the historical wonders of Militracks. Who knows, maybe next time we might even showcase our own game there!

If you want to know more about this incredible event, you can find further information in the link provided below. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness the marvels of German WWII vehicles in action at Militracks – an event that brings history to life!

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